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Audience Statistics – niche online media in russian language for people who loves lingerie. We made lingerie-dedicated articles since 2011.

During this time, the magazine published 1200+ articles
What are we writing about
Below this block you can see part of the Garterblog's main categories. We also have such columns as "Experiment", "Boudoir wardrobe", interviews, editorials and other materials

The magazine has earned a high reputation among readers thanks to honest lingerie reviews.

When searching for lingerie reviews in search engines, our reviews are always high in search results.

We actively monitor the lingerie market, select "Items of the week", do shopping guides, monitor the latest trends and cover them in the magazine.

We talk about how to buy wisely, where and when you can save money, how to distinguish a higher-quality bra from a lower-quality bra, how to care for lingerie, what are the types of underwear and cover many other lingerie topics.

Also we inform our readers about best lingerie discounts all over the world.
Garterblog's materials are viewed more than 356 thousand times a year
According to Google Analytics
for 2018 Garterblog materials
watched over 356,400 times
For example, this article has more than 10 thousand views for 2018.

This photo and cover photo by Irina Ponomar
Most Garterblog readers are Moscow and St. Petersburg residents. It's two largest cities
of Russia
Gender, age
75% of Garterblog's readers are women

50% of the audience -
people aged 25 to 34 years old
Garterblog in social media
Probra - another project from the creator of magazine
The telegram channel is also devoted to lingerie. It has more updates, a short concise format, an informal style.
Probra is the main source of social traffic to magazine articles.

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